What to do When Your Swagbucks Don’t Post

I recently wrote about a change in Swagbucks. My favorite strategy for buying Disney gift cards stopped posting bonus points (750 SBs) and the shop activity was only showing 1 SB instead of 200-400. If you’ve bought Disney gift cards at Best Buy using Swagbucks in the last few weeks, this probably affects you.

One of our readers, “kthon”, posted that they had submitted a missing points request and received the points. I went ahead and submitted a missing points request last night without attaching a receipt. I got the usual submission receipt email, but within 30 minutes received this follow up email. (I suspect it will take 1-2 days in most cases)

I received this “Courtesy/Good Faith” email saying that I would receive the points without receipt verification.

Upon checking our account, I found that the points had posted as well.

You’re only supposed to post for one transaction at a time. I went ahead and explained the situation in the notes, having two transactions that were missing. They credited me for both.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think is this a long-term solution for the Swagbucks Strategy at Best Buy. But, if this change has affected you, this could make you whole.

I’ll be testing periodically to see if this glitch is fixed and I’d love your data points as well. You can email me at mark@pointstoneverland.com or comment below.