Where to Buy Disney Gift Cards

You can easily save an extra 10% or more on your Disney vacation using discounted Disney gift card strategies. You just need to know where to buy Disney gift cards and some tricks to increase your savings. Here’s a roundup of the very best strategies:


Disney Gift Cards at Target

One of the most popular strategies is using the Target Red Card for an immediate 5% savings. We recommend the Debit Card because it doesn’t require a credit check or go on your credit report.

Best Buy

Best Buy doesn’t discount Disney gift cards. BUT, Swagbucks has been giving up to $9.50 in points for every $100 gift card you buy. Plus, you earn Best Buy Rewards, another 1%-2.5%. This is at least 10.5% in rewards on the cost of the gift card.

Bonus Savings

During the holidays you’ll find lots of bonuses from the credit card companies at Best Buy. Chase commonly offers 10% back on cards like the Chase Freedom. And, American Express will often give a 10% rebate through their Amex Offers program.

Full Details: Swagbucks Strategy at Best Buy

BJs Wholesale Club

BJs Wholesale sells $100 Disney gift cards for $95.99. There is no shipping charge, but you do need at least the $10 online membership.

Bonus Savings

The Discover it Cash and Chase Freedom cards often include wholesale clubs as their 5% cash back bonus category. This can be a great way to save even more.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club sells Disney gift cards online and in-store. The prices fluctuate, but they often are priced at a 4% discount.

Bonus Savings

Just like BJs Wholesale, you can take advantage of the Chase Freedom and Discover it Cash when wholesale clubs is the 5% cash back bonus category. Also, watch for Amex Offers to Sam’s Club.

Grocery Stores

Most grocery stores offer double fuel points on gift card purchases. Occasionally, they run specials for quadruple fuel points. While this doesn’t save you on the price of the gift cards themselves, at maximum value it can save you 14% of what you spent toward free gas.

Bonus Savings

The Chase Freedom and Discover it Cash often include grocery stores as a 5% cash back bonus category. These no annual fee credit cards are one of our favorite ways to save on everyday purchases.

Where to Buy Disney Gift Cards

We keep an updated page at Points to Neverland to help you know where to buy Disney gift cards and how to maximize your savings.